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Day 7

First... a few replies:

00nothing - Welcome to the asylum! And I'm flattered that your inaugural post was on my first ride report. With any luck, you and your wife will be taking your own similar journey in the not-too-distant future. That 250 is a great starter bike and I'm sure she'll do fine AND have a blast on it. Good luck and ride safe!

rob1313 and SHAG - Thanks for following along!

Gale B.T. - The trip certainly was a lot of fun. Even though it was a fair bit of wear and tear on Brandi with her back injury, she awoke eager and excited to hit the road every day (as a few pictures attest to!). We'll definitely be working towards doing some longer trips in the future, but most likely on rides that are a little more well-fitted for highway travel. Not sure how much dirt-adventuring we'll be doing - the risk of a fall that would lay her up for days on end is just too great, I think.

As small a part as we played in returning Cack to Vermin (a hot meal and an escort out of town for Thomas, basically) I still grin when I read back through those old posts and see the pictures of that day-glo beast rolling through northern BC. That was my first in-the-flesh exposure to the ADV community and it most likely will never be forgotten. My thanks to Vermin, Cack, and all her surrogate pilots for being the muse that inspired more than a few ADV'ers, including myself, to hit the road or help out a fellow rider on their journey.

Here's hoping we can make a loop through Pagosa Springs sometime soon, or at least meet you out on the road somewhere. Take care and thanks for following along!

On with the show!

Day 7 - Trail to Osoyoos

We spent the evening of our arrival into Trail just visiting with my mom and stepdad, then went to a local restaurant for dinner (on a sidenote... I just realized I completely brain-farted on the food pic front - DOH!). It was a pretty early night for us. Having been riding in the heat of the Kootenays, we were beat.

We were up reasonably early the next day, but we didn't plan on leaving Trail til around 4pm on Day 8, so we took the dogs down to the park to play for a bit and to get some fresh air before it got too hot out.

This is Zoe:

Zoe was the second dog that I wound up getting for my mom & stepdad. Zoe's predecessor - Zeke - was an Akita/Lab cross that passed away about 7 years ago. His passing was pretty hard on my stepdad, and mom was uncertain if he'd want another dog. Eventually, she started looking for a new puppy, and had me check the local SPCA as often as I could. She had been browsing the SPCA website and saw that the PG shelter had a litter of Husky/Border Collie puppies and asked me to go see if any of them caught my eye.

This wasn't a hard choice at all. "I'll take THAT one."

I think I'm drawn to dogs that have different eyes... for the record, here's our youngest - Bruno, as a puppy:

I think I see a trend...

Anyway, after picking Zoe up and getting her some toys, a crate, food, and more toys, it was going be several weeks before we could make the trip to Trail to hand Zoe off to her new family. Eventually my parents made the trip halfway into Hope and we met at Brandi's parents' house. When my stepdad (Dave) met Zoe, it was puppy-love at first sight:

I seriously think she thinks she's a person, and she's often way too smart for her own good - pretty common with collies, I gather.

And here's mom and Dave's second adoptive furry kid, Sheila:

Sheila is a purebred miniature Australian Shepherd. Its not clearly evident as she's laying down, but she's an amputee. Her right front leg had to be removed and she had some extensive shoulder surgery to get her to a point where she was able-bodied again. Her previous owners had a large horseshoe-shaped driveway well off the main road where they lived. One day, a vehicle pulled in their driveway then realized it was the wrong house. They quickly backed up and did a 3-point turn to get back out to the road and ran Sheila down in the process without stopping.

Her original owners footed the bill for her treatment and doggie-physio to get her up and about again, but she's changed homes a couple times prior to finding her place with mom, Dave and Zoe.

After a little more visiting and an early dinner, it was time to hit the road again, so it was up the hill through Rossland, past Red Mountain and heading for the Nancy Greene Summit on Hwy 3 West:

We stopped a couple times as we gained or dropped elevation to add or remove a layer as necessary, and to shuffle up the playlists a bit. Its amazing how quickly 8gb of music will go stale.

The only downside of travelling west late in the day - staring at the sun. A couple times we had to simply pull over and wait for the sun to dip beyond the horizon before continuing. The glare was THAT bad, but the sunset was rewarding:

Yet just when we thought the sun had set, we'd round a bend and crest a hill and there it was again, glaring down on us:

It was a constant shifting of sun and shade as we wound our way through the valley towards Grand Forks:

And every now and then, the clouds would lend a hand to our burning retinas:

The valley opens up and flattens out a bit once you get through Grand Forks, so we pulled off to the side of the road to watch the sunset again before proceeding:

Eventually we were able to carry in the shade of the hills, with the glow of the sunset illuminating the opposite side of the valley:

One last parting look at the sunset as we start the winding descent into Osoyoos:

We got checked in, unpacked, showered and headed to the restaurant on the 2nd floor of our hotel for some day-before-Brandi's-birthday dinner and drinks. As luck would have it, crab legs were on special. SOLD!

Awww.... she's so dainty!
"Om nom nom..."

We were the last table in the restaurant prior to closing, and I guess it was customary for the last guests to receive some complimentary dessert wine. Tasty stuff, but DAMN did I crash hard when I got back to the room. I'm guessing the bottle of Pinot Blanc we shared over dinner might have had something to do with that as well, tho ;)

That was it for Day 7. More to come later!

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