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Wow this is interesting.

I keep busy with my building work for a day or two and there is much to read.

I am not here to sell but to actually participate in the board as my next purchase will be a R1200GS. I lost my R1100S in a failed business venture 5 years ago as it was my company vehicle and miss it terribly.

My source of income is not from Boxer Performance and Boxer Performance is only a way to bring 'smile on your dial' enjoyment to those who ride BMWs with the improvement my products make. While I will make some money from this, I am not dependant on sales to survive.

The price has nothing to do with research and development costs or manufacturing costs but all to do with dealer set pricing so that there is a margin for the dealer to make money.

I originally set the pricing at $200.00 per set direct sales, but whenever I try to bring on a reseller/dealer, we need to adjust pricing to allow for a reasonable profit for the reseller/dealer which is fair for the dealer with the effort they make to sell.

I have now decided to only sell direct because of this.

I dont mind a group buy if you guys are interested.

I have the latest batch of sprockets that have a minor issue with a hairline crack between the locating pin and the centre cam sprocket mounting hole due to the interference fit. If you guys in the know want to offer an opinion about the likelyhood of failure in use then speak up.

There are about 10 sets in service now and there are no reports of failure under operation as the clamping pressure of the retaining bolt and washer secures the sprocket so there is no movement that can cause and failure.

My manufacturer and heat treater are of the opinion that the 10 thou depth and Rockwell 61 hardness does not allow enough tollerance for the interference required for the fit of the locating pin.

I may just need to heat the sprockets and freeze the pins for assembly or as I have discussed with my manufacturer we devise another way to create the locating piece.

If they are serviceable, then I would accept a much lower price as I have 50 plus sets like this. If they are not considered serviceable by you guyd, then I will junk them as I now have a new batch on order that will be ready within 4 weeks.

I look forward to any and all responses and opinions.


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