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Back to Wi-Fi--

Sorry for the late posts--Actually found Niverana (e.g places with no Wi-Fi and internet).

Day 4--Barrington to Lunenberg, NS

Today the weather was a bit uncooperative. We awoke to the bikes very damp/moist and in a current heavy drizzle. Probably best we ended up in a room vice camping. Donning our ride gear, we set off for Lunenberg via the Lighthouse By-way (RT3). I don’t think we past a 100 cars all day. It was marvelously relaxing.

We ran into the mecca of all lighthouses today—It was just south of Cape Negro, NS. It was eerily foggy, very remote, and only us down there. It was fully operational with light and fog siren in motion.

Dana stopped about 1 mile from the actual lighthouse to take a far out photo, while I continued. There were apparently two dirt roads that lead to the light house. The nice hard pack on I found, and the one she got stuck on. As she called over the radio, she described being marooned in a boulder field. You thought the rocks were 5 ft in diameter, vice the 8-12inch pebbles I discovered. Nonetheless, no bikes ended up “sleeping” and all was good.

We stopped for lunch in Shelburne. The is a fab little historic street, and a restaurant on the water.

We also stopped in at the Dory Boat Museum. A Dory is a smallish (15-20 ft) wooden boat that used to be used for fishing. They were oar-powered and could ocean go. With the invention of fiberglass and aluminum boats, Dory’s glory faded. There is apparently still folks that race them, and for a mere $16K/CAD you too can own one.

A bit of boat trivia: Dory’s are almost painted yellow on the inside, and outside with the rail a darker (often forest green color). The color combination was the easiest to see in low-light/foggy conditions.

We ended up seeing a few more lighthouses, but not as impressive in location nor stature as the one above. While we didn’t stop in Liverpool, I believe that might also be a nice town to spend a few hours.

We’ve still yet to see a moose, moose dropping or any signs that moose actual exist. Maybe they are a figment of animal planet?

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