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Originally Posted by kdxkawboy
If you've not been to the top of Mt. Patterson, it will be epic -

In your other post I mentioned going up Thompson Canyon and down Rickey Canyon to get to Wellington, also awesome views from on top -

But you don't want to wind up like my buddy did, a few moments before that last photo -

Never know what you may run into -

Recommend you plan a day of just playing around the lower slopes running the single track and trails where ever you find it -

At the north end of the valley you can pop out to a fuel & food on Johnson Lane and at the south end you pop out to Us395 and Pine Nut Road for the 7-11. So spend most of the day playing and you can get over the top to Wellington in no more than two hours.

On the next day take Hoye Canyon Road to Eastside Lane to Risue Canyon Road. If you go a mile or so past the junction with Risue you hit the junction with Topaz Lane. To your east there is a canyon with a sandwash. Neat little trail that takes you back over to Risue Pass Road. If you found your map you'll be able to see a road that runs from Risue to Lobdell Lake. Just north of Lobdell Lake the road up to Mt. Patterson takes off to the east. When you come down the east side of Mt. Patterson and hit the pavement turn north. Look for a USFS road sign that says Sand Canyon. This will get you up into some more interesting riding.

For myself, looks like I'm going to head over HW4 and catch Board's Crossing and go play in the lands between Hw4 and HW108. Want to get some material and photos to try my hand at a Rider Magazine ride report.
Hey...thanks much. Just the beta i was looking for. Have you done any riding over east of winnimucca / pyramid lake / nightengale mine etc... area?

Next time you come over to the west side hit me up if you need a riding partner. I'm just down the hill from Auburn but ride all over CA. Good luck over there, beautiful area.
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