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Hi guys! Glad you found us. Thanks for reading :)
A little note about comments - Matt gets super uptight if I get carried away responding to comments. He thinks it looks like I’m just bumping our RR. His thing is - “these are grown men [and women], it isn’t F’ing Romper Room: ‘I see kkug, and bronco3738 and larryboy and zeroblah...’ You don’t have to acknowledge every single one. Just answer questions.”
Whatever. He doesn’t take the time to sign in and type anything out, does he?

At any rate, thanks for visiting and reading this nonsense
I see you Hi!

Okay, who’s going on this ride?

The Bike:

2007 KTM 990S adventure
Beautiful. Awesome. Bad Ass.
Reliable? Eh. maybe?


LittleWan (kelly) BigWan (matt)
Dumb. Dumb as a box of hammers.
The only sense we have is a sense of adventure.

The newest member of the family:

Norman the Delorman
Delorme PN-60
He showed up about 4 days before we left. Totally untested and a complete wild card.

Norm’s best friend and the most hated member of the group:

Frankenslime a.k.a. “that F’ing piece of sh*t”
Dell mini 10v
Purchased on ebay to be turned into a hackintosh. Unfortunately, Norm will only converse with a Piece of Crap, so we were stuck turning Slime back into a PC. There wasn’t a day when I didn’t want to smash it against a wall (or throw it out a window or chuck it off a cliff), but we were lucky to have it when Norm was acting up.

Oh yeah, one last guy:

Coney the safety cone.
So last year, we had a bunch of problems. It was probably because we didn’t have some kind of good luck charm. Most likely. What else could it have been?
So I made this guy. I had big plans to make more (on the road) and leave them along the trail. More about that when we get to the TAT section.

I know some of you are really into maps. Me, not so much. Here’s a compromise:

I wanted to use a crayon but couldn't find one. I guess colored pencil is good enough

Day 1: 7/7/10 SF Bay Area to Sierra City, CA 341 miles

We left home and made a beeline for the dirt. Unfortunately, in the Bay Area, that means starting the day in traffic. Took Hwy 80 to Foresthill and got onto Mosquito Ridge. I was looking forward to it - “600 curves in 36 miles,” but it didn't seem very interesting or scenic. Maybe we didn’t get to the good part, but the streetbikes can keep this one! We were only on Mosquito Ridge until we could get to the Pacific Crest Quest. Matt had downloaded the tracks for R-dubb’s day 6 and we followed them the best we could...

Eventually, after more pavement, we got onto gorgeous dirt - river, falls, trees...

campground tee pee

We stopped at a campground to look around and this guy came blasting up.

He asked where we were going and said, “I was afraid of that...” It turns out that the road we wanted was snowed in. He was just there an hour ago and couldn’t get past the big drifts. Shoot - if he couldn’t get through on a 525, we didn’t have a chance. He said all the other roads were dead ends and that our only choice was go back to Foresthill. crap! At least there was a dirt road that would take us there.

On our way down, we ran into a guy in a Nissan Pathfinder. He had a Garmin Oregon and couldn’t find a single road - we told him about the snow and gave him directions as best we could (our GPS showed all the roads, but we didn't know which one he needed). Yay - way to go, Norman the Delorman!

We took Hwy 80 to Truckee and hoped to get back on the PCQ.

The trail started up with some thick wiggly gravel. I didn’t take any pics as I was too nervous - it’s been a long time and it takes me a while to get used to the sliding. What a relief to get back to the dirt and rocks.

It was getting late and Matt wanted to keep our speed up. It was fine until we started seeing deer. Matt started honking the horn - yow! that’s loud. It really echos through the new headsets. He asked if it was hurting me - heh, not as much as a deer would - keep honking!

We ran into a snow drift, but it was firm enough for Matt to ride on. Hmm. I thought July was late enough for the snow to melt. Hope this isn’t going to be a problem (dum dum dum...)

looking back at the snow drift after walking across

After the snow we had some pretty trails

and a sketchy creek crossing. It doesn’t look like much, but the rocks were so slippery they were like bowling balls coated with Crisco. i almost ate it just trying to cross on foot.

The trails were pretty overgrown and washed out. We got to one section and it was a real mess. Matt went around this tree and I climbed over it.

Everywhere we went, we found dead ends and washed out roads. It was getting old. Did I mention the huge cloud of mosquitos that enveloped us whenever we stopped? We came across a super creepy camp - I didn’t think to take any photos, but it made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Of course, this is where we got separated. We’re so F’ing stupid!

Matt needed to cross the creek again and I was going to walk to meet him. I knew that we had made a wrong turn up near the fallen tree. I thought he heard me say that I was going back to the tree (I wanted to get as far away from the zombie/axe murderer camp as soon as possible), but our helmet intercoms lost their bluetooth connection right at that moment. When he got to the other side and didn’t see me, he thought I was lost and went to look. I could hear him riding further away. Sh*t. Wow, that’s a horrible feeling: lost in the woods, listening to your ride take off...

We wasted about 25 minutes (with him riding around and me yelling “matt!” every few minutes as I hiked up the hill) but eventually met up. I was tired and sweaty and covered in mosquito bites, but at least I had picked the right way. Just past the tree, we caught a great road that took us to the pavement.

Made it to Wild Plum campground just before dark. Whew.

Oh, goody - the 4 tubs of coffee creamer that we stole from McDonalds blew up in the tank bag. Niiiiice.

Here's the day's photo of Norm. It took about 3 days to get the hang of the GPS and to figure out which numbers we wanted to keep track of.

It was not an auspicious first day, but we just knew tomorrow was going to be better...
(we’re so F’ing stupid).
OSO LOCO!! osoooo!

Oso bored? you can find the rest of our ride reports HERE
make stupid your favorite!

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