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Originally Posted by rockinrog
What (if any) rewiring/rerouting etc will be necessary to move things into the dash?
Really easy. The OEM instrument comes off it's mounting very easily and you just unplug the electrical feed, remount the instrument to the pre-drilled holes in the dash and plug it back in. Very quick.

The new dash places the speedo at the same angle as stock, but it is about 1-1/2" nearer to you. I actually prefered it to the stock location which is well forward. the GPS platform sits above the speedo and is a bit closer to you. In other words the dash sort of forms a visor over the speedo unit.

Our fairing doesn't involve any changes to the lights, so the HID issue doesn't apply. However, for those who do upgrade their lights to HID, the back of our dash will make an ideal place to mount the ballasts. I believe that have a solution to the CANBUS issue in their kits.
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