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Originally Posted by AHS
Awesome, awesome, awesome, the dashboard part sounds really cool....definitely interested in test rider dimensions too as I have the long upper torso/shortish legs thing going!
Test rider was 5'8", but as you can see from the photo, the ideal height for the screen was about 4" below it's maximum.

We have quite a lot of testing experience under belt with our other fairings and have learnt that adventure type fairings are always a compromise between function and looks and we have found that bigger screens are not always better when it comes to overall comfort. This fairing is particularly challenging, because we are trying to accomodate everybody from 5"2" on a lowered seat 650, to 6'5" on an 800. The fairing height you see here was set so that a short person on a lowered seat 650 probably won't raise the screen at all !

The unit will have further testing on and off road on an 800 as soon as we have the first true manufactured parts available to us, before it is released for sale. The prototype you see in the photo is a combination of wood, filler and fibreglass and so we have to fully check out the real thing and spec the final composite layup.
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