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Originally Posted by vwdrvr66
Hey guys my crew and I saw you guys at Black Bear Pass...Remember...going the wrong way.... on accident of course. I'm pretty sure we won't make that mistake again since the long arm of the law was waiting for us when we got to the top. Hope you have a good ride. Take care.
Hey Dude! Man that really sucks they were waiting for ya. I know there was a group of two riders who shot up the pass before you two, they were really flying and had obviously done it several times before.

Did you get fined or just a slap on the wrist? How come you didn't wheelie past the fuzz? Were they tipped off by some hippie hiker?

Here is the last view we had of yall, mighty impressive I should say! It was all I could do to keep Chris from following you back up the pass!

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