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Day 1

Boxermoose – its you and me brother… you and me. Stay with me here, don't leave me. This RR is dedicated to you and your kin which hopefully I was nice and respectful to if I ran into during our outlaw adventure.
Here’s how I figure the math… 300,000 people on Iceland… I talked to maybe 300 in eight days. So that is a 1-in-100 chance that met one of your kin multiplied by how many you got over there. If you have 6 kin then 6-in-100 = 6%; 20 kin ups my chances to 1-in-5. Not betting odds, but not crazy to think I might have met some of your clan.
Here’s the thing: If you like riding a motorcycle in the dirt and you got kin in Iceland and you can afford some warm clothes then you really are kind of blowing it by not getting up there while you can still stomach the local fire-drink, Brennivín. But hey just my $0.02… and don’t get me wrong… I’m not trying to scare off my only subscriber.

I should also apologize upfront… my pictures suck. Too many pretty sights… not enough of the getting-down-and-dirty. As I said, my first RR and when the sh_t-was-flying I wasn’t thinking about the camera, haven't earned my war-photographer stripes yet. I’ll work on it for next time…

Some empty Brennivín shots.

Things to know about Icelandic drinking: They generally don’t drink during the week; for the most part this is a hardworking industrious crew. Some/many/all (?) can get really really piss drunk on Saturday. I mean really piss drunk. And the funny thing is, depending on where you are, no one even gets going until really late. Actually I think there is heavy drinking earlier in the evening it is just that folks done generally go out until late. Here’s where having some local family will help enormously to decode things.

Some landscape shots below our way into the Highlands. Our first day, Monday consisted of me arriving at 6:15am, eating breakfast with Manny, and us having hotpants to get on the road before we were properly provisioned.

For those playing along at home, we took 435 east to 360 north to 36 northeast to 361 east turned into 365 east to 37 north turning into 55 north to 30 south to 326 east fueled up at the wrong place then 32 east to F26 east and finally some gravel road. All on Monday.

can you see the water in the bottom of the speedometer and temp gauge?

We did our crossed our first river at around 10 or 11pm, camped on the other side and felt like conquering heroes until the facts presented themselves clearly. We were in fact dumbasses without a working stove that had screwed-the-pooch in our discussions of food-provisions and who brought what.

We went to bed with cold wet feet and empty bellies worrying about three big river crossings Eyţór had warned us about. He said we’d be likely fine so long we crossed them early… like 5am early. Any guesses on what time we actually woke up? Reminder: I rode a crazy long bike ride with my daughter then got on a plane to europe then rode for 14 hours or so on a motorcycle. It isn't looking good for a 5am crossing of the big rivers, not even close. Epic first day and epic day two coming up...

Pictures of our 1st river crossing Monday evening. Nice work Manny... not bad for fiddy.

More to come: hunger in the Highlands, where's the gas-station?, soiled-underwear-river-crossing-attempts, Icelandic Search and Rescue, female Icelandic backcountry hitchhikers, sand and more sand... miles and miles of sand, naked swimming in milky white lake next to a blue lake... and Boxermoose, I'm open to requests. Just let me know what you want to hear and I'll play it.

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