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Been tinkering still, had a couple other threads. One about my charging issue, which I ended up figuring out and it was just a stupid mistake:

And I popped the head off just to see how the top end looked. Seems to be a bit glazed and sounds like the consensus was that it is running rich, but it seems lean to me?

So far I've put 144 miles on it and other than it being WAY undergeared at the moment, its running pretty good.

It's sposed to have a 16t front and a 37 rear. My front sprocket was missing a tooth making the chain skip in 4th gear, so I picked up the only sprocket the local store had that would fit- a 14t. Geared it WAY down- tops out at 45 mph, or if you have a bit of a tailwind you can get it up to 50.

I finally got some other sprockets- apparently no one makes a 16t, so I got a 15t for the front and a 32 for the rear. I know, big change... we'll try it and see how it does. I just want it to be able to hold 50 - 55 mph cause of the roads I use to get to work. Will report back when I know how it does!

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