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Originally Posted by Padmei
What are the limitations you talk of with the stock alternator setup? Output not enough to handle running a few appliances or parts just don't last long?
Photo of the top of the bike as requested. Looks just like yours, down to the manky wiring. But the variances are for the Enduralast Alternator

The stock alternator output is 280w at best, but can deteriorate if the wiring / connections are allowed to corrode. The alternator takes to about 3k (?) revs before it actually even covers the engine & light load. This is problematic if you are in slow going or commuting. It relies on the red dash light to excite the charge circuit. If that fails, no charge. The diode board is in very hot / hostile environment - not the best for reliability. Stock grounding for the diode board is not great. A common fix is to run a ground wire from the front cover to a ground on the block.

BTW don't ever take the front cover off without disconnecting the battery ground - easy to burn out a diode from static charge if the cover scraps the diode board. DAMHIK.

There are work arounds for all of those issues.

The Enduralast not only makes more charge, it also starts charging earlier than the stock system. It's also a brushless unit (constant magnet), so potentially maintenance free. Have a look at the site, all will come clear.

My understanding are that the major differences between the two bikes ex factory are the carbs (you've 32mm, I've got 40mms), barrels & heads, & the final drive ratio (yours is a little shorter). That's pretty much it.
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