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Day 2, continued...

So where were we?
Oh yeah, we were seriously stuck. I thought the hot engine would make it easier to get the bike loose. Nope. The snow didn’t give at all. The bike was solidly encased in ice. Crap.

We took the bags off the back (the duffle and tent) and went to work. I’m not even sure how we got it out. Same as in the mud, I guess.
Lifting the bike up and working it back and forth, again and again and again. Working it free a little at a time.
All I remember is that the bike was really freaking heavy (could have removed the side bags, but I guess we’re stupid and lazy) and the snow was really freaking slippery.

Whew. Too bad we still had a long way to go

Matt was riding down this snowbank (is this a snowbank? I’m from the bay area - I don’t know snow terms) when it collapsed and he hit a stump. Or two. Or three.
Good thing he was going slow. But now the bike was stuck again.

It sure would be nice to have reverse. All schoolbuses should have reverse. Instead, we had to pull it up over the stumps. So much pulling and lifting.
We were both soaked and dripping with sweat. Mmmmm...wet helmet. The mosquitoes were in a feeding frenzy.
I got no fewer than 8 bites during our 5 minute water break. Freaking mozzies.

Had to struggle over a few more snowy spots, but the end was in sight. Matt was so exhausted, he almost had a high side here.

The bike started tipping towards the road and he didn’t think he could stop it - all he could do was gas it - luckily the bike popped back up and saved him. KTM powers, activate!

We still had to go hike back and get the bags. Can’t we just leave them there? It’s only our camping gear, tent and clothes. Sigh. This motorcycle thing is just too much work.

Woo hoo! No snow!

We blasted down these roads - they were rocky, muddy and streaming with water, but matt was ready for lunch.

After all that work to get to Gold Lake, we barely slowed down long enough to take 2 lousy photos.

Between 8:30am and 1pm today, we had gone a whopping 27 miles. Wow.

Stopped in Quincy for lunch. It seemed kinda run down. Oh! The Polka Dot! I had seen this place in a ride report.

Too bad I couldn’t remember if it was good or not...

Notice the 3 drinks (matt was a little thirsty). He didn’t want a photo of his food. Oops. guess it wasn't good

My teriyaki chicken bowl. It was extremely adequate.

After lunch, we headed to Silver Lake. As we left, we realized that there was a whole other (nicer) section of Quincy. Oh well.
The gravel road on the way to Silver Lake was kind of scary - it was like riding on marbles. Matt was flying and I thought we were going to wreck for sure.
It was hard for me to stay loose (no yard sale, no yard sale, no yard sale)...

Seems like every county has a silver lake.

At one point we couldn’t find the trail. There was a gap in the GPS tracks and matt was just connecting the dots.
Norman the Delorman said there was a road here, we just had to find it. Uh huh. Heard that before...
It was faint, but went straight down the hill.
Okay, Norm. I guess you've redeemed yourself. This time...

Got pretty steep and loose, but did the job.

Things got even faster now we were on the dirt.

Man, there were a lot of deer out. They’re dangerous, but so adorable. Some were really cute with black ears (no pics, I’m too slow, but I think all the deer around here are mule deer ).
At one point, we saw a doe in a meadow. She was about a quarter mile away, but Matt honked anyway, in case there were more deer around. At the sound of the horn, she started running.
Matt said, “I think that deer wants to kill us!” Sure enough, he was right - she actually changed her path and turned towards the trail. We watched the doe pick up speed through the trees and then she cut across the road at a full gallop (or whatever you call it when a deer is hauling ass), right in front of us.
She timed it perfectly - if we hadn’t slowed down when we did, that deer would have T-boned us going full blast. Yikes.

The thought of that slowed us down for a bit, but our tiny brains quickly forgot about it. Soon we were back to zooming through the trees

There was lots of thunder and lightning in the distance, getting closer. I guess fear of lightning ourweighs fear of deer. Man, I hate racing the rain.

The rain always wins. We got wet.

Finally, we got to Chester. After a morning of ATGATT snow hiking/schoolbus wrestling and an afternoon of the Wiggly Gravel Cold Sweats, I was really in the mood for a shower so we looked for a nice campground.
There was one by Lake Almanor (North Shore Campground) - they wanted $35 for a tent campsite. Hoo boy, I’d never hear the end of that. no thanks.

Screw it. We headed back into the forest and found a stealth spot.

I’m totally paranoid about free camping so we went way off the road. It would have been perfect if it wasn’t so rocky and full of mosquitoes. At least this time the poison was within reach. We slathered ourselves in DEET and tried to enjoy instant mashed potatoes for dinner. As we sat there eating out of the pot (hobo-style), perched on a crooked stump and a pointy rock (camping is f’ing awesome!), we mulled over the day’s events.

Twenty-seven miles in 4.5 hours...How the hell did that happen? Well, maybe a smarter duo would have turned around at the first snow drift. Or maybe the second snow drift. Or the third one?
They definitely wouldn’t have continued on down the hill where we got stuck in the snowbanks (uh, twice) and wasted all that time and energy. Huh. Something to think about.

10.5 hours to do 139 miles. Oh, right, add 3 miles to that (forgot to zero out the GPS first thing this morning). 142 miles.

Okay. Well, the first day wasn’t that great. The second day wasn’t so hot, either. But the third day...the third day has got to be better. Right?

OSO LOCO!! osoooo!

Oso bored? you can find the rest of our ride reports HERE
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