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A Dozen ADV'ers Do Hatcher Pass, Alaska

And here's an invite for those on today's ride to post up some of their photos and tales of adventure.

Hatcher Pass is a stunningly beautiful area about 50mi north of Anchorage. ADV'er ThatGuy and I had been planning this day ride and decided to put out an invite in the Alaska forum on here. A few other Anchorage ADV'ers as well as some from the Valley joined us.

Wow! What an amazing ride which also happened to include a number of "firsts" for me today! And those were: going up a couple roads I hadn't been on before which turned out to also be the roughest rocky roads and trails I've EVER been on, had my KLR take it's first mud bath when I forgot I didn't have knobbies on and went down in a big muddy puddle. And then rode through some of the most torrential downpours I'VE ever been in that also included some really hard hitting hail! Crazy fun.

So here are a few of us heading north out of Anchorage.

We met up with the Valley ADV guys at the Taco Bell just before Palmer. Hey funny thing, the sportbike guys I hang with meet-up at Taco Bell in Anchorage on the weekends. What's up with that? Maybe our Taco Bells up here are just "Motorcycle Friendly!"

Alrighty then, a quick stop once up in Hatcher and deciding where everyone felt like going. From this stop we went up the first rough road of the day, the road into Archangel Valley as seen behind us.

More to come.....
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