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As luck would have it, a State Park Ranger turned into Archangel just before we stopped. Since we stopped for a while we thought maybe she'd be a ways up into the valley. Well, she was driving pretty darned slowly (anticipating our arrival maybe? ) so the first guys in caught up with her in pretty short order and just turned around and came back out.

A few of us decided to keep on heading back into the valley anyway and maybe chance passing said Ranger if she continued driving too slowly. I actually sorta know this Ranger from years of riding my sportbikes up here on the paved part of the road leading into Hatcher Pass. Her name is Kim and she has a pretty serious demeanor about her and a "tough" law enforcement reputation. Turns out ADV'er DashAK who was with us knows her as well.

So anyway, when the group I'm in catches up to Ranger Kim, she pulls over and jumps out of her truck and delivers a pretty stern warning for us to "keep our speed down as there were a lot of berry pickers and their families up there." Before she climbed back into her truck I decided to assert myself and ask her if it was okay for us to go a little faster than she was going. She said okay but to take it easy and some other stuff I didn't catch and waves us oh by. I don't think Kim recognized me thru the helmet and I didn't press the issue. I think we were also kind of fortunate that the weather was a bit cloudy and wet as there weren't all that many people up there especially for a weekend day.

This is AKDon and DashAK at the end of the road. When Ranger Kim arrived a while later and we had some good conversation and even got her to laugh some.

I'm always after that "perfect" photo to put in the 'Show Us Your ADV Sticker' thread and here's what I got at the end of Archangel Road.

Now I mentioned how it was cloudy and wet but... as we were coming out of Archangel the sun broke through! Yay! Now this was a pretty big deal to us up here because we just established a new record for most consecutive days of precipitation in the area. 33 days in a row!!! I feel bad for my fellow ADV'ers who've had a pretty wet time of it up here while visiting The Greatland aka The Last Frontier. Sorry folks. Maybe come on back up and experience it's grandeur in better weather. Anyway, thought I'd get another of my ADV sticker with the clouds in the background covering the valley below where we'd come up from.

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