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Originally Posted by F650Dakar_Norway
Thanks, Steve. I may modify the enclosed EU-homologation muffler ends to allow better airflow or even put in a pair of Acrapovic or Leo Vince db-killers. Either way I want a more ear-friendly exhaust note since I attract too much attention now. I've even had stupid cage-drivers trying to "compete" with me in traffic after I've passed them. And LEO's doing traffic controls gave me an ominous stare a few days ago. Luckily they were already occupied with a bunch of cars and had their hands full already.

I also noticed the extra metal tail support braces on your bike and will make some for mine. That CF toolbox/tail structure needs some extra support when my Coyote saddlebag arrives next week from UK.
I bought some DB killers from Akrapovic, but you have to make a special small alloy adater too, because they don't fit perfect.( different diameter ) It is not necessary to rejet the carburator but you will loose a little bit of torque and hp. My needle is on position 4 ! The tail of my bike broke because i put all my tools in it, but this is too havy for the carbon and alloy tail !!! Attention !!! When you want to put luggage on it you have to reinforce the tail for shure. Do you have the spare boxes in your bush plate ? You need them, you can put all the tools and little parts in it. I have a front spare tube in a
small bag over the lights behind the roadbook. And a lot of spare parts all around the bike, like the pro bikes from Despres and Coma. I baught also a better frontbrake disk from motomaster, it is a floater disk !!!
For a second ICO i made a special adapter / switch so i can use two icos and the original KTM odometer. But this is only necessary when you are roadbook riding. Good tires are the new pirelli scorpion rally tires, the rear tire is very big. Also i have a nice alloy switch for one ico and the roadbook. Now i did 12000km with the bike and it is still the best Offroad Allround bike i ever owned !!!
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