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Day 3: 7/7/10 Chester, CA to Lakeview, OR 222 miles

We slept like the dead - I guess wrestling a schoolbus is good for something. After breaking camp, we rode into Chester for breakfast and fuel.

There was a coffee shop that was completely packed, but instead of dealing with that mess, we chose this place.

Mostly because of the friendly dog.

They had coffee, and anything you want for breakfast, as long as itís a breakfast burrito.

The burritos were a little weird. Cold tortilla, scrambled eggs, chopped veggies with some kind of vinegar dressing, and a very light dusting of cheese.
I guess we know why the coffee shop was so busy...

Mattís favorite part of the burrito place was the bathroom. Hot water, soap, and a whole roll of paper towels.

matt: (coming out of the bathroom) I hope they donít have cameras in there...
me: :
matt: I gave myself a sponge bath.
me: oh. whew.

As we were getting ready to leave, we noticed the tires. Holy Crap, see how bad they looked after only 2 days? These guys were brand new when we pulled out of the garage.

Front: D606

Rear: Rally Raid 908

Originally, we had planned to do a little more of the PCQ, up through Lassen. But, mattís mom was just there a couple of weeks ago and she said half the park had been closed due to snow. After yesterdayís fiasco, we decided to take it easy on ourselves and bail on that plan. It was tempting, but we were going to resist the urge to bang our heads against the wall.

We are so smart - S-M-R-T!

Matt picked some dirt roads from our AAA map and off we went - to Alturas. We got on FR10. It was okay until we ran into the grader.
Ugh, it looked like an okay road, but really it was loose, deep silt. Matt called it "Tilt" - short for "terrifying silt."

Okay, I'm going to get off topic a little...but it will come up a lot over the next 40+ days.
One of my favorite movies is Elf (with Will Ferrell). I know, I know. It's stupid. I don't even like Christmas (or Will Ferrell) but I love Elf.

So, one of the best parts of the movie is when Buddy says "Smiling is my favorite" and his grumpy boss snaps, "Make work your favorite, okay? Work is your new favorite."

Every time I start whimpering about some part of the ride that's freaking me out, Matt says, in his meanest voice, "Make sand your favorite!" (or mud, or snow, or whatever) and it cracks me up.

Here's the clip - now if you watch this and imagine Buddy the Elf as LittleWan and the Boss as've got our whole riding dynamic!

Make work your favorite!

Make Tilt your favorite!
Edit: Matt wants to make it perfectly clear that these are not photos of the spots with the "terrifying silt"
I was not allowed to wave the camera around during the actual TILT.
(how's that, matt?)

Details of this morning are a little sketchy - my notes are sparse. We went from FR10 to Termo, CA and one of the major roads was A21 through the Lassen Forest.

We stopped at this old farm site. There was a historical marker but I forgot to take a photo of it. I think there was the number 8 on it?
Oh well. I like riding more than history. Iím sure you can find a RR with all the details

Matt said if I was tired of camping, we could stay here.

Ugh. It was so gross in there, I don't know how he could eat his granola bar.

Lots of bird nests

And corresponding poop.

Cool old windmill.

Okay, break time is over. Back on the trail!

hi cow!

fun roads

Pretty little lake. We were excited to see a white pelican (we're used to the brown ones).

And then we were on Termo Grasshopper Road. There was no one out there, so Matt played around with the camera a bit.

me too. This is what I see when Matt stands up. A giant wall of grey Cordura.

Sometimes when he stands up, I miss stuff:
me: wait, where did that truck go?
matt: Umm. we passed it way back there. I was standing up.
me: oh.

In Baja, I miss entire towns

After a quick lunch stop in Alturas, we were speeding our way towards Cave Lake and the beginning of the OBCDR!

OSO LOCO!! osoooo!

Oso bored? you can find the rest of our ride reports HERE
make stupid your favorite!

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