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I slowly wake up to a bright sun filtering through the trees on to my tent, I'm no early riser, but Oliver is... he should have woken me up. Oliver is also not a patient person; he isn't going to sit around waiting for my lazy ass to climb out of bed. As I'm sorting out where I am and if Oliver decided to leave with out me I hear groans coming from across camp and the un mistakable sound of sleeping bag... Oliver isn't awake yet! As I slowly decide if I should get up; I hear a less than enthusiastic voice asking me if I'm up, Uhoh. I make my way out of my tent and Oliver lays out his situation: not feeling well, headache, no energy, aches, and a certain exit port is not happy... Joy! We suspect the altitude is playing tricks and Oliver starts the hydration process (perhaps over hydration process), as all the locals say fluids fluids fluids.

So at this point he's reclined in the camp chair as seen above and he starts requesting breakfast, water, pedialite, and various other items... This is feeling a little too much like a relationship- I'm concerned.

Oliver decides to nap and I decide to tackle the jeep trails near by to make sure yesterday's fix was an actual fix.

ÖI guess I should expand slightly on the previous day's problem. Basically it acted like it ran out of fuel (I had half a tank at least) as I pulled up hill on real rough sections. The engine would die down to a WEAK idle and any throttle would cause the engine to die. I'd search for an issue, not find anything obvious, restart the bike (it would start fine after a period of time) start going slowly, everything would be OK, then I'd get more aggressive on some up hill bumpy section and it'd die down to an idle again. Crazy... I notice the wires I had routed for the heated grips had shifted a lot and a few were TIGHT. I figured maybe something here was pulling an ignition wire loose orrr something? No idea, so I limped back to camp and re routed a bunch of wires...

OK back to shaking the bike down. I top off my tank with a splash of gas (thats some literary foreshadowing for you high brow folk; bmw owners, Iím looking in your direction... ) and hit the trails. I hit all the steep bumpy inclines that caused problems yesterday with fury and vigor, problems solved! Huzzah! I'm shocked that it was electrical (ha), but its not acting up, this trip is ON!

Once my brain stops worrying about my damned transport I'm immediately stunned by the beauty of the mountains. I had been many times as a kid, but I guess I had always taken the beauty for granted. Here I am 25 (or am I 26, hell) and I'm damn near breathless... or maybe this is just the altitude, I am high after all...

The first trail I take is up the valley out of camp towards Bandora Mine. Itís a real easy trail and itís a great intro to Colorado riding.


Once I return to camp Iím EXCITED, oh man, its so damned pretty! I saw a mine and marmots and a creek crossing or two and a waterfall and and andÖ Oliver still wasnít feeling well and for some reason didnít share my enthusiasmÖ

I donít think that was a regular ADV saluteÖ
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