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After some more catering to Oliverís needs, a meal, and a quick rainstorm I decided to go on and tackle Clear Lake Trail, which is also very near camp. I hop on and head out, again alone, while Oliver rests more.

This trial is quite a bit longer than Bandora Mine (although still short), and offers my first taste of switchbacks and cliffs. This trail worked perfectly as a 2nd intro into Colorado riding; not too technical, and very pretty. I guess I should stop calling trails pretty, really. If youíre in the mountains, itís pretty. From here on out all trails are pretty as a default and I will qualify them as exceptionally pretty, or not pretty. That being said, Clear Lake is exceptionally pretty.

Riding up, just breaking above the tree line.

Somewhere back there is camp, I believe the road you see is leading up to Bandora Mine.

Clear Lake! (Gadget Boy, I found your sonís rock, Heís strangely missingÖ)

(note the very subtle trail going from up and to the right along the rocks ahead there, I can tell from below that it dead ends, but Iím at 11,900 feet by the lake, I want 12k)
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