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Got 3 rides in this weekend

II got to ride Fri, Sat, and Sun this weekend.
Friday I took my son up to Treat, AR with the RZR. He isn’t able to ride a m/c so I bought this thing to give him a little bit of off-road adventure.

Austin and his RZR

We took “Page Hollow Road” along Moccasin creek starting where Moccasin and Indian creek (otherwise known locally as the “low water bridge at Treat”) over to a trail called “High Mountain Loop”.

These are part of the Moccasin Creek Trail system accessible from Hwy 7 but we go in the back way from Treat. These are almost entirely 4-wheeler trails with large creek rock or loose rubble up the hills.

Narrow trail for a RZR!

Did I mention that it was rocky?

Like pigs in mud!

He enjoyed it but it’s a workout if you're one handed! He did well and I’m proud of him. The only glitch was the darned spiders everywhere. Biguns! My son smacked right into a tree because he thought a spider was about to get on him. Poor old tree.

We’ve had over 20 days of 100 degree plus temperatures and it’s really beginning to show.

Two pics of Stave Mill falls last October

These last 2 pics are of Stave Mills Falls on Saturday Aug 21, 2010

Saturday Apostle2 and I rode the DS bikes in this same trail system for some challenging 2-wheel action in anticipation of the kinds of trails we expect to see in Colorado next month.

Need power bars.......Need power bars.....

Don't let it be said that we don't have classy trails in Arkansas

Evidently, there hadn’t been a lot of traffic through there because the spiders were prevalent again.
I let Dave lead because…well he’s just good at it. There were a few emergency stops with quick dismounts with helmets coming off in a hurry! What’s the big deal? Spiders don’t eat that much! But seriously, I don’t care for them either.

Leaves of three...Let them be!

We stopped at Mack’s Pines for lunch and hydration.

Sunday evening I took my daughter for a spin on the big bike over to Morrilton and over Petit Jean Mountain. I let her take pictures as we rode. It’s kinda’ nice to have someone else snap photos so you can just concentrate on the road.

Can you say Hollywood?

Mt. Petit Jean's namesake

Hwy 154 leading up the mountain. We actually heard and saw a blinged out Road Glide with a Thunderheader and Rap music so loud you could hear it over the pipes from the lookout. About 4 minutes later it pulled into the parking lot with the music still blasting.

This rig screamed "Look at me!"
Some folks just don't get it. You come to the mountain for peace and quiet and the sound of the wind in the leaves and you hear "Thump-thuimp-thump" that drowns out everything else. By the way, I've probably got one of the more quiet Harley's you're likely to hear.

Yeah I'm proud.

Looks like Pumpernickle bread!

Give a kid a camera and watch what happens.

Formerly WinRock Farms. Now a cullinary institute.

Sunset from the Pallisades

Temps were starting to get pleasant on toward evening and we had a nice relaxing ride. My daughter is actually a pretty good passenger. She doesn’t squirm around or constantly ask questions or get all nervous when the bike leans a little. I believe she had fun and I know I was glad to get a little one on one time with both kids

All in all it was a pretty good weekend. I didn’t get a lot of (actually zero) domestic chores done but it was worth it.
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3 rides in 1 weekend, Mt. Nebo State Park Arkansas
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