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Huge photodump incomming. Hope they're not too big.

Meeting up with ThatGuy, Mike and Dasha that morning.

Where you at AKDuc?

AKDuc showed up shortly after, and we headed out to Palmer. We met another rider on the highway out. Though I can't remember his name....he had a KLR.

Everyone lined up in the Taco Bell parking lot in Palmer.

You can see my wonderfull street slick on the far left....more about that later.

Up at the beginning of the pass, at the base of Archangel

We went up Archangel a bit, saw the troopers and turned around. Here is a few of us waiting for the rest of the crew to come back down, but they didn't and we went back up to see if they got busted. (They didn't)

After getting the group back together we continue through the pass. The view was amazing up here. I tried to get pics of everyone.

Heres Mushmallow, who we had just met up on top of Archangel, he joined us for the rest of the ride, and he had a damn cool bike that I never got a decent picture of.

Continuing on...

At the base of the Craggy Creek trail, This is were about half of us said our goodbyes. I didn't go up the trail with ThatGuy, Dasha and the rest because I was concerned about my fuel range (2.5gal tank) and my tires. I went with the other half down the other side of Hatchers pass to willow.

About 5 of us continued on. I paired up with the guy on the shiny new red KLR (Sorry, I forgot your name.) as One Eyed Mike and the other not so shiny red KLR proved too fast. (Forgot your name too...sorry..please remind me. )

I got a bit ahead of him and pulled off onto this little mound, as I rolled down my lovely street tires decided traction was for chumps.

My bike managed to miss all that gross dirty mud and took a nap on the nice clean rocks.

A few miles down the road we catch up with One Eyed Mike and Dark red KLR, and instead of just telling them about my crash my bike decided to give them a demonstration by falling over again, this time in some nice soft mud. No pictures this time, sorry folks.

Tired and beat up I decide to head home. Even with 2 spills you couldn't get that smile off my face...

And the DRZ? She felt the same way.

Was a great trip guys, Thanks for inviting me.
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