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Originally Posted by dirtbound4Max
Chris and Oliver,
Looks like an AWESOME RR in the making! SUBSCRIBED!!!!!!
Hi Sean, thanks for the comment! We are just getting started into the good stuff!


Well after an ultra crappy day of fighting altitude sickness I awake on Monday feeling good enough to get on the bike and ride.

We start off checking the book for routes that are close and provide a loop we can do before it gets dark. We decide on an agressive schedule to do Bandora Mine, Clear Lake, Ophir Pass and Bolam Pass. The book we have is for jeeps and the trails have descriptions, instructions and ratings related to 4 wheeled vehicles. I don't exactly understand how the difficulty rating correlates to motorcycles and we soon find out that something rated "difficulty 2" for a 4x4 can be harder on a motorcycle than something rated "difficulty 4" for a 4x4. We figure part of the reason for the rating discrepancy is that large bumpy rocks on a forest road is "easy" for a 4x4 but not for a bike and tight switchbacks on mountain shelf roads is "hard" for a 4x4 but a breeze for the bikes.

So we start off on the Bandora Mine Trail. Chris had ridden Bandora and Clear Lake yesterday so you can see some of his pics above. This trail literally goes directly out of the campground and quickly winds through a short forest section and then blasts across the mountainside as a rocky strait road, no switchbacks. My bike is taking a pounding on the rocks but I know there is much more difficult terrain in store for us this week and I put my faith in BMW engineering and hang on while bouncing over the rocks.

Here is part of the mine we encounter towards the end of the trail.

This clearing at the end of the trail is called "South Park". It is scenic and peaceful with many opportunities for primitive camping.

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