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Bump this thread for the guys who need the ring. I have a challenge so Im going out to the garage and do this right now!

Originally Posted by Max Kool
My speedo is inaccurate, can I change it?

* So to all of us who want to adjust their wheel size in the speedo, watch this.
1. Remove the seat, and the right hand side panel.
2. Remove the ignition key if you haven't already done so (really important!!).
3. Unbolt the negative lead of the battery.
4. On the dash, hold down the "set" button and connect the battery.
5. Keep holding down the "set" key while the dash starts to count down from 15 to 1(the bike will not explode).
6. Next the dash is going to toggle between three rear wheel size choices. You can let go of the "set" button.
7. When the dash shows you the preferred rear wheel size press "mode".
8. Done. Now the new wheel circumference is set.
* (note, this is a mutliple choice question, three options. You don't get to set the wheel size on a per mm base)

The above procedure works perfectly for the Xch, but the other two are allready on a lower wheelsize.
* If by any accident you've chosen the wrong wheel size, insert the ignition key once into the ignition lock, and remove it again. Remove the battery terminal and start all over again.
* Once satisfied, Connect the battery solidly, reinstall the side panel and the seat
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