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Oil cooler for KTMs

RELAX! I know this idea has been around the block for the LC4 but this is just a thought and a FYI for those with RFS bikes. It is from Joe Racer Products, a guy about here (don't know his handle) and supposedly a bang up feller! He organized the recent Clear Creek trial that looked like a hoot!

Anyways, here is his webpage:

Now this is a done deal for the RFS so if y'all want to cool your bikes properly then buy it! The price is cheap IMO.

Now for the LC4... what'd'ya think? I know my bike heats up something fierce in the summer: would this help? I remember the discussion about oil coolers making the oil too cold so maybe there could be a petcock for the circuit?

I am more interested in a manual switch for the radiator fan, or better yet a second fan/cowling with a manual switch but this also looks like an interesting idea.

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