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It'll be interesting to see what happens when I replace my perished boot. I've read a lot of posts about finding oil in the boot - Eddie did too I think? Doesn't sound too bad tho. I guess it means replacing the seal?
Is that a big deal?

Are you using a manual 7 if so what one? i have the BMW one but more often I start taking things apart then look at it to see if there's something I've missed.

I will try to get mine back on the road when I locate a couple of brake pistons & then look at dropping the box & greasing the splines.

When you checked your driveshaft bearing, you just gave it a looksie & rolled it round checking for roughness? This all that's needed to check them out or is there a more extensive check?

Keep up the good work.

I wish a certain PD owner would just hand out all his extra bits to his mates
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