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Originally Posted by txrider
I installed an oil temp and a water temp guage on my 620, oil hit about 255-260F the other day on a 13 mile tight woods trail, 1st gear stuff all the way. Overheat light was on as well but I think it comes on too low. Water temp guage read about 220-240.

Doesn't seem to hot for oil, especially the mobil1 I'm using, so I dunno if an oil cooler would be helpful, I doub't I'll do so much tight woods regularly.

A water pump that moves water better and extra fan and switch would do more good. I have a fan on the left rad with a manual switch and had it running the whole time.

My overheat light comes on at about 212F according to the temp guage, a little low I think. My water temp sender is in the little hose that loops around direct from thermostat housing to water pump, I may move it to the head and replace the overheat switch with it.

I'd be satisfied if I could get this thing set up well enough to just idle forever without overheating, but it doesn't look like it's possible with just a fan on one side and a pump that doesn't move a lot of water at low rpms.
Joe Racer claims 30 degree oil temp reduction on the RFS; should do something on the LC4 as well


"The oil temperature is 30 degrees cooler then when its remains in the sump. This keeps the gearbox, especially the 5th and 6th gears (which are thinner by 20% then 1st-4th gears) at an acceptable temperature, I have seen on my KTM, oil in the 275-300 deg. F. Most motor oils start to burn at the 260. Deg F range."
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