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Originally Posted by meat popsicle
RELAX! I know this idea has been around the block for the LC4 but this is just a thought and a FYI for those with RFS bikes. It is from Joe Racer Products, a guy about here (don't know his handle) and supposedly a bang up feller! He organized the recent Clear Creek trial that looked like a hoot!

Anyways, here is his webpage:

Now this is a done deal for the RFS so if y'all want to cool your bikes properly then buy it! The price is cheap IMO.

Now for the LC4... what'd'ya think? I know my bike heats up something fierce in the summer: would this help? I remember the discussion about oil coolers making the oil too cold so maybe there could be a petcock for the circuit?

I am more interested in a manual switch for the radiator fan, or better yet a second fan/cowling with a manual switch but this also looks like an interesting idea.

Recently sitting in traffic for 40 mins on +90 degs day trying to cross the border at Mexicali my bike overheat something fierce, Water coming out etc.. Had to turn it off and push. The GS I was riding with got hot but didn't overheat. I've also had problems doing lots of tight single track and had the fan on continusly. I think they (or at least mine) needs an additional fan or more efficient fan. It needs to suck harder

Had a look last weekend and think that fitting a second fan on the right side could be done with minimal pain. I thought just to wire it in parallel with the current fan circiut.

Oil cooler could also work. Would be an easier/cleaner fit to the adventure as there is already a oil line running to the steeringhead. Just Put your cooler in front of the left radiator and run one short line to the head. As this solution has no way to control oil flow (temp) then it does worries me about over cooling the oil etc. Given that, I personally wont do it.
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