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Originally Posted by txrider
That's why I use a good synthetic, more resistance to burning off below 3-400 degrees.

Additionally, if the water temp in the water jacket was kept cooler it would also keep the oil cooler.

Last but not least if I was going to get an oil cooler I'd go with a known brand like Jagg or someone. Motorcycle oil coolers aren't anything new.

As for overcooling oil, that would be the last thing I would worry about, even in sub freezing temps, a water cooled bike with a thermostat will make sure it's warm enough. Worst case a manual valved bypass is simple enough.

I still think the problem that I can't get around is low water pump volume at idle and low RPM's. The water pump just doesn't appear to move a lot of water, maybe a better designed water pump impeller?

The cooling system is my only gripe about LC4's, but really I guess most water cooled dirt bikes have the same issues.

I think a manual switched dual fan, and maybe a small 12 volt water pump would do more for keeping an LC4 cool in stopped traffic and tight trails. But at low RPM's at least my bike would put out the juice to run em.
Joe Racer is a small vendor from this site; anyone got his handle? He does event planning and donates the proceeds to the Blue Ribbon Coalition. Probably a good fella to support! The Jagg stuff looks nice too.

If you want a fan then try the KTM fan for the LC4. Not sure if the cowling would work for your bike but you could try it as well. I might try the manual fan switch first, then second fan/cowling with it on manual and the stocker on auto. Then the oil cooler as a last touch.

It would be great to be stressing this bike in hot climates down south and not have to worry
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