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The Sports/Shorty tinted screen.

As promised I received the new tinted short sports screen for evaluation from Mark at CalSci ( ) yesterday.

Before I start my report I will state that I am not paid for my view's (by CalSci or anyone) and have received nothing (apart from a couple of test screens) from Mark at CakSci.
I will also echo Marks words prior to sending me this product.
"Shorty ships today. In any review, you must keep in mind that my goal with the shorty is looks, not wind performance. I don't expect it to be a good touring screen. I do expect it to have slightly better wind performance than stock. There's a lot of guys, esp. in Europe, who ride 100km per day or less and don't have much need for good wind management. Our Multistrada tinted shorty has been a huge success with such people."

In typical fashion the screen looked fabulous, both test screen I have received from Mark exhibit a very crisp, clear, (and to my unqualified eyes) optically quality.
The edges are very clean cut and smooth and the screens look symetrical on the bike.

I was anxious to receive this tinted shorty screen in particular as most of my riding is urban jungle and back country gravel/dirt track, none of which require the high touring style comfort and wind protection. Also, for obvious reasons, the shorter screen is a much safer proposition in the dirt where there is a need to be standing and getting weight over the front wheel.

The screen arrived to me in the form as shown in the first two pic's which is nearly an identical height to the standard O.E.M Yamaha screen.

I was at first a little disappointed as I was expecting something a little shorter, both in terms of smaller physical size for that minimalistic look, and in a lower than standard form to get a clean fresh flow of air directly at the riders face rather than buffeting the top/sides of the helmet.
But, I fitted it up and went on my first test ride down town.

150kms and 1.5hrs in the saddle (coffee break in the middle) convinced me that I was correct, this screen did need to be shorter to provide a suitable benefit over the standard screen.
Contrary to Marks hopes, I dont feel that the screen (as originally delivered) was better than the original factory screen and in fact offered a slight bit of wind buffering at speeds above around 100km/hr.
It's not as though the screen generated that "Eddy" type dirty wind that Mark has explained but more that the wind coming off the screen hit smack bang on the peak of my dual sport helmet and vibrated the shit out of it.. Made my nose itchy..
The factory yamaha screen still spills the air onto the helmet but slightly above the peak (maybe due to the curved lip) although the air off the factory screen feels dirtier than the air of the non lipped screen.

Anyway, my resolution to this dirty air problem was to hack some height off that puppy and see if I could get some cleaner air onto (or into) the helmet.

I carefully taped up the front face of the tinted screen with 100mph tape and transfered a line 50mm down from Marks original top edge.
I then proceeded to cut away on the vertical bandsaw.. I also cut the top sides a little bit slim'r and radiused the top corners.. Easypeezy..
Just scrape the edge to de-burr and away we go.

How does it feel?... Fan-bloody-tabulous.
In my review that I sent to Mark about the tall touring screen, I labeled it as "the touring screen of choice"..
In my review of this shorty screen to Mark, I will label it as "the summer suburban screen of choice".

After the modification to the height of the screen I immediately set about on a 20km all speeds test.
I live in the rural outskirts of Perth where the road speed 1km from my house is 110kph.
I started of at a leisurely pace and immediately found the screen to offer a lot more pleasurable feel due to a smoother, cleaner flow of air to the face and from the nose upwards in the helmet.
Surprisingly I did not find the helmet tending to lift as you would expect when the speeds rise. There is slightly more tendency for the wind to load the helmet when you turn your head but nothing overwhelming... Bare in mind that this is at 130kph+.

To further my findings I pulled over halfway along my test ride and completely removed the screen to test the effects of absolutely no wind screen. NOT A GOOD MOVE!! The pressure against the body (particularly pushing the helmet back) is not fun. With that test over I conclude my findings and re-iterate my statement " this has now become MY summer suburban screen of choice".

The pic below shows the degree to which the screen was shortened.
I think it looks really smart and minimalist... There is just one thing that I will touch on shortly.

That one thing I was talking about,,, in my opinion this screen is screaming for the same triangular cut-out as was put in the bottom of the touring screen.

Mark says it does not need it and thinks it would look odd on a tinted screen... I BEG TO DIFFER!!!
This IS a summer screen and would not only benefit from the additional airflow through the extra hole, but it may assist in lowering the vacuum that drags dust and shit up the steering column hole, AND would look shit-hot on this screen.

Please voice your opinion on the need for the triangular cutout..
Unless of course you dont think it needs it, in which case you can fuck off because no one is interested in your opinion

Hope you enjoyed this review.


P.S, Mark.
I hope you read this and see my (and the growing masses) desire for a triangular cut-out..
In fact, fuck it... I will do it my self and post some pics up later.
That way when Mark see's it and decides he does like the "now patented idea", he will have to pay me a royalty

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