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Originally Posted by meat popsicle
Joe Racer is a small vendor from this site; anyone got his handle? He does event planning and donates the proceeds to the Blue Ribbon Coalition. Probably a good fella to support! The Jagg stuff looks nice too.

If you want a fan then try the KTM fan for the LC4. Not sure if the cowling would work for your bike but you could try it as well. I might try the manual fan switch first, then second fan/cowling with it on manual and the stocker on auto. Then the oil cooler as a last touch.

It would be great to be stressing this bike in hot climates down south and not have to worry
Well my climate sure isn't cool at all. :)

I added a fan already, used a KTM fan and made my own mounting bracket with aluminum flat bar, I just wired it to a manual switch. It hasn't seemed to help a whole lot, the bike will still get real hot with it on if it just idles long enough or on a long tight woods trail. I can feel a decent hot breeze coming out of the tank shroud holes, was getting a bit hot on my leg actually.

I may try a second fan, but I get the feeling there's also an issue of low water flow at low RPM's. I may also jack around with making a more positive displacement impeller one day.

When my temp light comes on and if yank in the clutch and I rev the bike real hard several times it'll go off for a bit, kinda like if the pump moved more water the light wouldn't come on at all.
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