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Ophir is a really small town in the middle of nowhere. Seems like a nice place to live if you can telecommute and don't care to be around other humans most of the year.

Then after a boring dirt road that landed us back on the highway we went south towards Bolam Pass.

Bolam was supposed to be a benign 4x4 trail rated at difficulty "2" in the book. We were soon about to realize a discrepancy between what is easy and hard for a 4 wheeled vehicle and a 2 wheeled vehicle. This sign indicated the beginning of a long and rocky climb.

When I saw the condition of the trail and amount of rocks I knew I was in for a wild ride. Twisting the trottle I let the bike roar in first gear ensuring I would have enough power to keep the rear wheel digging into the ground even at low speeds.

I remebered some of the things I had learned about riding rocky paths such as picking a strait line over imbedded rocks is preferable to winding between loose rocks even if it is much more bumpy. Also I concentrated on keeping the bike flowing under my body and allowing it to react to the terrain while keeping my arms and legs flexible in a standing position. This approach worked great as I forced the suspension to finally perform to the limits.

Several times I had to hit larger rocks at speed and I felt the tire compress to the point it felt like the rim made contact. Each time I worried about getting a pinch flat or rim damage that would force us to do roadside repairs. Whenever we stopped I would check the tires hoping they were not losing air pressure. I ran the entire trip at 34 psi front and rear and was very glad I did. I never had any problems with grip on the rocks or soil and didn't feel the need to air down.

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