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2010 Klim Dakar Pants

These were an impulse buy. I got carried away at Happy Trails and decided why not. Got the Silver/Gray ones in a 36 regular and they fit great (I wear a 36 regular or long in jeans) as a standard pant (tight as an overpant). Very MX styled with added ADV aspects (venting and pockets). Super comfy sitting or standing, nice leather panels in the inner lower leg, and great functionality. Tucked on the bike they sit on the boot without riding up much. They sell these in a longer length but the standard was enough for my 33Ē inseam.

I tend to like my pants baggy, and these were great. They matched the Rainier well and with a pair of athletic shorts underneath, fit perfect. You could definitely tuck them over boots and/or knee or shin guards. I walked all over in these and did great, never got overly hot and stayed super comfy. Awesome pockets, big enough for a lot of stuff and the right one has a key loop.

They are definitely a summer pant, not waterproof and probably a bit chilly, even with heated gear (the exhaust vents donít close), but thatís what I wanted and I think theyíre great at it. The two long front vent zippers are great, huge, and can go either direction, which is great while opening/closing during a ride. The crotch is like another vent, open your legs a bit on the highway and youíll lose a few degrees almost immediately.

I paid retail ($160) but itís nice supporting a local company (Klim is from Idaho where Iím from) and these are more than enough to keep me coming back. I wish they sold a better cold weather pant, guess Iíll have to stick with Firstgear there.

Bonus Review: River Road rain suit pant

No pic, they're boring

Got these cheap and decided why not, my legs were the weak points in my waterproof outfit. Very simple rubbery overpants, black with a couple pockets and the XL was enough to fit over my Klimís. They also had stirrups to hold them over my boots and snaps and Velcro to hold them closed at the bottom. I wore them for a couple hours total, and though they fit awkward, what can you expect for a cheap rainsuit. They did their job, kept me dry, and earned their place in the pannier. I have the jacket too, but with the results from the Rainier jacket, I donít think Iíll ever use it. Check the Flea Market, might be up FS soon.

Bonus Bonus Review: Jockey GoMesh underoos

Tried to stay cheap without sacrificing my butt, ended up picking up 4 pair of GoMesh for $30 or so at Kohls. I love the seamless butts, very comfy on the seat all day. They wick moisture fairly well and staved off Monkey Butt for 6 days, which is all I asked for. The only ones that got really funky were the ones I hiked in, and even those werenít bad. Exactly what I needed, thanks again ADV inmates!
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