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HJC FS-15 Terror Helmet

The bike I bought came with an Arai Profile, but it was too narrow and I just don’t trust used helmets. I had an AC-11 before and loved it, so I went and tried this one on at a local shop. Fit great, so I found the cheapest print (Terror, which doesn’t even look all that bad) and ordered it up. I think it was $120 or so, not bad for a DOT/Snell helmet.

The snap on the strap was great, keeps it from flapping, a welcome improvement from my AC-11. I pulled the chin and nose covers, but they’re nice features to include. I wish the shield had more detents, but I survived with the 4 they give you (full open, half open, cracked, and closed) and usually left it cracked, which leads to my first gripe. I don’t know if it was the shield or the lower vent, but the airflow totally dried out my nose. I’m still recovering a week later, but it’s a manageable issue.

The venting was decent, permanently open lower and exhaust vents and open/close top and chin vents. I had them open almost the whole time and they kept my head reasonably cool. Even in the rain, they only leaked when the rain got really bad. I like the Coolmax liner, it’s nice seeing higher end features in a mid range helmet. The ear pads are also loose enough to allow fairly comfortable use of earbuds.

One of my favorite things about HJC is their use of the same shields almost entirely across the boards. They’re cheap and readily available and the included one locks closed and accommodates pin-lock shields. On that subject, the stock screen does alright in terms of fogging, I was in a dry part of the country with minimal cold mornings and humidity, but I never had an issue.

The price was right on this and I’m glad I got it. The Arai would have been too tight and I really think HJC is the #1 helmet producer for a reason. I’ll definitely keep shopping with them and hope the release a dual sport helmet soon.
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