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Fox Comp 5S Boots

This was another decision I agonized about. I wanted ankle coverage and support without going to a full MX boot. I also wanted to not spend an arm and a leg, so Sidi and Alpinestars were probably out. I was pretty much left with some off brands, a few Icons, the Thor 50/50, and the Foxes. After reading a ton of reviews, I took the plunge and got them. I wear a 13 shoe and the 13 fit well, if not a tad loose. They are made to be on a bike, my foot slides back a tad while riding and make them fit like they should.

One of my main gripes about the KLR is the footpeg arrangement, itís set up for someone with a size 8 foot. I rotated my shifter up a notch, and though it took getting used to, they worked well. A pair of slightly lower pegs would make it all work perfectly, but real moto boots would not work at all, especially for long distances.

I canít remember reading anything saying theyíre waterproof, but they appear to be at least tenaciously water resistant. Lots of rain, no wet feet. No complaints. Theyíre also pretty comfy compared to MX boots, I walked at least a few miles in them and they werenít much worse than my Keen hiking boots. The buckles were good, easy to adjust, but as others have said, the Velcro is kind of annoying. It would be better as a 3rd buckle, but meh, itís easy to get over.

The other gripe Iíve heard is the odd ankle guard on the inside of the boot. Yeah, it looks dumb, but thereís a plastic panel running from the sole all the way up it, and I didnít notice it after the first couple miles, so itís fine by me. I wish they came in not-black, but again, minor inconvenience, Iíll get over it. At the end of the day, it was definitely $120 well spent.

Bonus Review: Omni-wool socks

After hearing that merino wool was a great way to go, I stumbled upon a 3 pack for $15 at Sams and picked them up. Aside from a few hours in sandals and sleeping times, I had a pair of these on the entire trip. For the most part, I straight forgot I had them on, which is about the highest marks I can give them. No stink, and though my feet often came out of boots (hiking or riding) sweaty, I really couldnít feel it while they were on. Like much of the gear, they only got hot while in ludicrous weather (108F), which is acceptable. Theyíre also easy to find, cheap, and Iíll happily wear them year round. Money well spent.
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