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On to the parts section!

Garmin Nuvi 500 and associated accessories

It was a toss up between this and the 60cx (or 60csx, canít remember which I liked more). I liked how similar it was to a car GPS without the Zumo price, and the fact that it came with preloaded street and topo maps. Plus the RAM mount was cheaper and works better, so I went Nuvi. Still not sure about this decision.

Itís a very easy interface that works well, even with gloved fingers. One button push to get to a trip odometer, three to get to a screen that shows you elevation (used it a lot). I honestly donít know if it speaks street names because I had it muted the whole time (I think it doesnít), but it was good about clearly displaying directions on the screen and never led me astray. I took it through rain and the KLR shook the bejesus out of it and it never skipped a beat, so thatís nice. Glad it lived up to itís specs.

As many have said, the topo was pretty meh. Itís a cool feature and I hope to use it more in the future, but not amazing. It also claimed that 67 was unpaved and the maps were obviously a bit old, but new enough to get me around. It seemed to have fairly up to date city maps though, it had new streets in my neighborhood. OddÖ

The RAM mount lived up to their reputation, easy to mount and position (I had it so it barely blocked my neutral light). It transmits every vibration to the GPS, but what can you expect? The actual cradle holds the GPS in a way that you usually press the power button when taking it out, but I got used to it. You also have to put the GPS in the cradle before plugging it in, but thatís a minor inconvenience. For some reason my charging plug bent a bit, really not sure what from, but it wasnít enough to damage anything, just something to note.

Overall Iím still on the fence with this purchase. Iím happy itís usable in a car and quite burly (this will be my traveling GPS in the future) but Iím not 100% sold. Knowing me Iíll pick up a 60cx in the future and run a trip with both of them because Iím a giant nerd .
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