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Ogio Tanker Tank Bag

I was seriously eyeballing Wolfman stuff (heís less than 10 miles from me as I type this) but was already a tad over budget. When I found a used Ogio for $35 shipped I jumped on it. First things first, this thing is a monster! I never filled it over halfway full and didnít even think about expanding it to get more room. Itís definitely big on the KLR, probably better suited for a cruiser or maybe a sportbike, but I made due. Luckily it wasnít overly wide, I never really noticed it between my legs.

One of my favorite features is the adjustability of the magnets. I pulled the front and rear one and moved them to the sides so it would hold better to the tank. One came out twice and scratched my tank a bit, but thatís alright, it did its job for the most part. Thereís one safety strap at the front that I looped around the fork and it has clips on both sides to make getting to the gas cap easier. After a few tries I got the hang of this, unclip left side, peel bag back, open cap, prop bag up with cap, etc. Works fine, about as good as the Joe Rocket Manta I had on my old bike.

The map pocket on the bag wasnít big enough for my Michelin atlas but served as a good home for the blackberry, ipod, and camera. Itís easy to get into with a gloved hand and is relatively rainproof. On that note the bag has an attached rain hood stashed in a pocket on the front. I used it once, did its job just fine. There are two side pockets, one with a little divider to stash stuff in front of, one rear pocket (I put cash in here) and the big main pocket. The main pocket has a small mesh pocket in the front, great for storing cords and chargers. As I said, plenty big for most users.

Another cool feature was the bag zipped off and left just the base on the bike. Very nice and easy to remove or replace. When the bag is off, you still get a clear map pocket which proved to be a very good place to store paperwork from the campsites. You also get D-rings, so theoretically you could leave the bag at home and strap something else in its place.

Not sure if Iíd pay the $90 or so retail price, but at $35, this was a great deal.

Bonus Review: Stearns ATV Seat Pad

Bought this on a whim, Iíd heard good things and thought why not, itís $18. I didnít bother to modify it, just popped the seat, strapped it on, and finagled it back on. It doesnít interfere much with the plastics, so I didnít modify those at all. While itís nothing amazing, it is a welcome increase in padding. It was odd, my butt got sore on some of the shorter days, but on the long haul home (700 miles in 12 hours) it did just fine.

The thing is a sponge, so keep it covered when stationary with any chance of rain, but otherwise it was a good buy. I want a sheepskin long term, but Iím comfortable waiting for a bit on that purchase as this will do for now.

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