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Happy Trails PD Nerf Bars, Skid Plate, and Rear Master Cylinder Guard

Not a lot to say about these because I didn’t really use any of them. They are well put together and fit pretty good. Install wasn’t as bad as I’ve heard, took me an hour and change with minimal adjustments afterwards. The only interference I’ve seen is on the left side, where one of the bars has vibrated a little notch into the fairing. Annoying, but minor.

The highway pegs are very buzzy at speed. I used them maybe twice. It’s nice to have three options (the passenger pegs put you in a sportbike seating position) but I really only used the main pegs. I think in the future I might pick up some PD panniers, they would be a great place to store soft stuff that wouldn’t get damaged in the event of a tip over.

Bonus Review: HT Adjustable Center Stand

In my opinion, a center stand is a necessity on a KLR, the side stand is worthless with any real load on the suspension. I’d seen the HT in action, so I picked one up. Install is a breeze, maybe 10 minutes. They claimed the stock setting would work well with street oriented tires, but it wasn’t high enough for my Tourances. I pulled it up 2 notches and it sits perfectly, still low enough to get it up quick but high enough to get either wheel off.

The peg to lower the stand is a bit tough to get to in boots, but you get used to it. Like any center stand, it takes a bit to figure out the best method to get it deployed. Mine was grabbing the rear rack and left handlebar with the bike in neutral, pushing the stand down so it touched the ground, then putting my weight on it while pulling the bike backwards. Tough after some long days, but not bad. Getting it off the stand was the reverse of that minus any foot use. Note that the side stand has to be down to use the centerstand and you’re not supposed to sit on the bike while it’s on the stand.
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