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Jesse Odyssey Panniers and Top Case

- BMW .

These came with the bike, so I didn’t have much choice in the matter. They are the high zoot ones, $1500 new for the set. It’s obvious they’ve been down before, but that didn’t affect their function at all. They’re also really good at holding steekers!

The only issue I had with these was the lock on the top box. The PO obviously stored the bike with everything on it outside for some time and the hardware was corroded. The lock kept loosening and not working, more of an annoyance than anything, planning on hitting it with loctite when I remember.

They kept everything dry during the rain and the locks were pretty secure. The top box buzzed a bit, but not loud enough to hear at any sizeable speed. One of my favorite features was the lids of the panniers, they have little metal things in them so you can store stuff up there. One side had my camp chair, sleeping pad/pillow, camp towel, and first aid kit. The other had my rain pants, sandals, and spare gloves. Great use of space, I wish the top box had it too.

The shape of them make them cavernous, one side fit all of my camping stuff plus some clothing with ease. The other held all my spare parts, more clothing, and some other randomness with room to spare. The top held the rest of my clothes, my books and service manual, my food, and an XD45 in a case with 2 mags. Between the 3 cases I could have done many weeks of travel with ease. After seeing the cheaper options, I wouldn’t pay retail for these, but they’re great when you factor in what I paid for the with the bike, and I’d recommend them to anyone.

Bonus Review: Home Depot Tool Tube (Welding Rod Tube)

Got these after reading the tool tube thread in the Equipment forum. Something like $26 with the necessary hose clamps for a pair, I put one on the inside of my Jesse rack opposite the muffler and the other between the radiator guard and the skid plate. These got more attention on the trip than anything else, everyone asked “What are those red tubes?”

Mounting proved plenty sturdy and there was a lot of space between the two. The rear held an extra liter of gas, a metric hex wrench set, a tube patch kit, and duct tape along with a few rags. The front had the OEM tool kit, some zip ties, more rags, and a can of chain lube. I used both multiple times and have no complaints, they stay out of the way and the pipe clamps held them well. Definitely a good investment.
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