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Day 5: 7/11/10 Lakeview, OR to Christmas Valley, OR 163 miles

As we were leaving Lakeview, we spied a couple of BMWs. We were excited, thinking that we were seeing some fellow Oregon Disco dancers...
[for our non-riding friends and family: in ADV parlance, the OBCDR is also known as the Oregon Disco. Also, ATGATT means ďall the gear, all the timeĒ]
but, no.
They were just going to the BMW Rally in Redmond, OR. Should have known it when we saw those ginormous hard panniers.
Eventually, they sped off on the highway and we turned onto the dirt.

Norman was being pissy this morning, which enraged Matt. Norm wouldnít track properly and kept giving us bad info.
At one point, the screen showed that we could go to the left for 10 miles...

or go to the right for 6 miles...

Either way, they would meet up and connect. In other words, the track that the GPS was giving us was just a huge circle. WTF?

Norman J. Delorman - what is your major malfunction?! (matt gave Norm a middle initial just for these occasions: "Norman J. Delorman - go to your room!")

That freaking thing simply refused to route.

Normally when we follow a route, the screen shows the tracks and scrolls automatically. It also orients the page so that the road is always coming at us, no matter which way we turn.
Matt can just glance down at the screen, see whatís coming and keep riding.

Today Matt had to take his hands off the bike to scroll manually, and he had to study the the GPS constantly.
He couldnít enjoy the scenery or the riding and could barely look at the road. Not only was Matt livid, but it was dangerous, too.
We finally stopped and unpacked the computer.

Matt and Slime, having a moment on a stump

Matt re-entered the route he had mapped out last night, but Norm kept up with the same bullshit.

Finally, Matt resigned himself to looking at tracks, rather than routing.
This meant he had to keep scrolling (by hand) to follow the track, which was sometimes upsidedown.
Heís still not sure what was wrong - it seemed like the OBCDR track was broken, and to make it worse, maybe Norm was stuck on "North up"?
Sometimes a right turn would show on the screen as a left turn and vice versa.

Matt had to look at the screen, reverse (invert?) it in his head, and then make the turn. All while riding at a pretty good clip. Offroad.
The roads werenít great, either. Rocky, thick wiggly gravel, heavy silt...It was some scary Angry riding.

Here are some pretty shots, mostly taken when it was safe and boring.

Nice gravel road in the Fremont National Forest.

Youíre probably thinking - if you took 5,500 stinkiní pictures, how come they arenít better? Whatís with all the mirrors?
Yeah, I know. Sorry about all the mirror and helmet shots. Sometimes I do it on purpose. But, if itís a road photo, I probably took it while we were moving.

A lot of times I have the perfect shot lined up...and then weíll lean or hit a rock and itís ruined - a mirror pops up into the frame or the picture blurs...
Oh well. Deal with it. You have about, oh, 2800 more of those mirror shots coming your way
I kind of like them, actually. That's how you know we didn't take them while we were riding in a minivan or something

We rode through some burned out forest, then stopped for a little break

We had gone through some mud sections that freaked me out. After last year, Iím still pretty tense around certain types of mud, so I was happy to stop and rest.

Summer Lake. Matt said this was the first time he had ever seen water in it.

Whatís on the lunch menu? Yucky melted granola bar. Mmmmmm.

Gate. This one was hard to see.

Iím just glad it had a stick. I hate wrestling with barbed wire.
I donít think I mentioned it in this report yet, but as pillion (passenger) it was my duty to open and close the gates. There were a lot of them in Oregon.

I guess weíre in the Fremont-Winema Forest. The original photo was totally crooked and out of whack - I had to snap it as we whizzed by.
I canít believe it cleaned up so well. Signs are the hardest - they sneak up on me and Matt wonít go back so I can get a shot.
You snooze, you lose. I snooze a lot.

Ha, got a bunch of photos here - there were so many downed trees, we stopped a lot.
That reminds me: if you have the patience to listen to BBC or NPR, you might like this clip: Pygmies using GPS .

Wow, this is getting old...

"Make going-around-downed-trees your favorite!"

Weíre almost at Fremont Point...

see you tomorrow!

OSO LOCO!! osoooo!

Oso bored? you can find the rest of our ride reports HERE
make stupid your favorite!
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