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Hi all, its been a while since I last posted. My excuse: Too busy riding!

Let me introduce you to my situation. For the past 10 years, I've been riding what's been dubbed by my father and myself the "old clunker". The "old clunker" is a 1974 R75/6 and is still running pretty strong despite its age. It also happens to be the bike that I first learned how to ride, and shared many a great memory. So, I'm emotionally tied to the bike to say the least.

But, I've been having some thoughts that have been growing in my head since first riding. I'm in a restoration mood of sorts.

Nonetheless, the bike is 36 years old and is showing some signs of aging - both visually, and mechanically- that need to be addressed. Aside from the regular fluid changes and valve adjustments, nothing has been replaced mechanically. Oil under the bike regardless after riding or sitting for a long time hints its time for a for a makeover. Gear oil migrating between the final drive, shaft, and transmission only further confirm that something has to be done.

So it hit me. If I have all this work to do, wouldn't it be worth it to just start fresh: Tear everything down to the frame, and rebiuld? The answer is yes. It's also a great opportunity to catch up on some forgotten maintenance intervals. I hope you're interested in the read, Im going to need all the criticism I can get.

On with the restoration

I'm shooting for a clean cafe style look when everything's said and done; In other words, a little racy, a little modern.

Wrenching is a huge part my life, a hobby, and an interest. I am energetic to start this project to say the least. Undoubtedly there will be speed bumps along the way, but that's why I'm here amongst all you fellow gear heads with open ears I hope some of you can provide some helpful insight into what I'm getting myself into. And others to learn from my experiences!

Be forewarned: Im in college, and have a limited yet steady budget. This thread may disappear for a while, but I'll try and update as soon as more news is available.

Let the fun begin

Happy motoring!

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