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Originally Posted by mrprez
Really great pictures. What was the deal with the guys that got in trouble up there?
Hey man, the deal is that Black Bear Pass at a certain point is a one way road (down only). This is due to the extremely narrow and rough road and impossible passing conditions.

We met 5 guys who were on their way UP the pass. The first two guys came rocketing up when we were walking the tough part and seemed to know the area. These were locals who had done it before and were out for a thrill, they got fined... The other three guys were from out of town, we talked to them a bit and watched them go up the rocky steps. They just got a slap on the wrist probably because they were from out of town.

There is an event once a year where a bunch of jeeps (not sure if everyone is invited) go up the pass. I'm sure it involves a bunch of spotters and video cameras.

We were headed down and I definitely had no plans of going back up lol. In my opinion if someone wants to go up, motorcycles only, more power to ya, just make sure no one is around the bend trying to go down.
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