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Haha, Oliver was constantly mad at me for taking too long with pictures. I saw this view and couldn't resist pulling over for a few snapshots. There was some real nice camping spots near the top of Bolam Pass, still in the trees (I dont think Bolam Pass got above the tree line) with this as the view. You just wouldn't want to get drunk and stumble around camp at night, as just in front of me here is a pretty good cliff.

Pretty much the same view oliver had... but its worth reposting

Hydrate Oliver, Hydrate!!!

The road down from Bolam, switchbacks, fun fun fun

Is it yellow? You should drink more!!! haha, inevitably I'd start giggling like a school girl while I snapped these pictures "DAMN IT CHRIS!!! I can't go while you're watching" hahaha, what are friends for??? I never got tired of doing this.

Thanks for all the kind words guys! We still got lots more to go
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