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Thanks all for the input.

Carbs are a definite go! Thanks for reminding me

I haven't given much thought to upgrading the FS but I will definitely look into it. I have fancied the dual disk upgrades along with the "properly mounted" brake master cylinder. But it's not like the bike's got 300 horses or has any intentions of being tracked. So Im not too sure if dual disks would be worth the investment. Plus, I'm big on keeping the wheels.

Also that cool tubular fork brace you can buy for not much money is a nice addition
Website for said fork brace?

your bike will be much better off with MUFFLERS. Your valves will thank you!
You know, I've actually done quite a bit of research about warping valves and the like, but I find just as many convincing counter arguments. As for the pipes, I was planning on making a 2 into 1. Sort of like a shorty config.
But I am interested in hearing your thoughts!
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