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Originally Posted by PARIAH
Nice gear review. Also, read the ride report; well done.

How about the gear review including your camera? Whatever it is the photos turned out very well.

Now, save up for the GS.
Took me a while to find it, I bought that camera for my wife well before she was my wife . Definitely an outdated model by now, but the new Fujis look solid. Also, already saving for the GS and compiling arguments to convince the wife. My number one reason thus far is "I don't trust the KLR to get me to Alaska," which she accepted. I see an R1150GSA in my garage some time next year...

Fuji Z10FD 7.2MP 3x Optical Zoom Digital Camera

As I recall, I paid less than $100 for it, not bad for 7MP and 3x optical zoom at the time. It's pretty burly, spent most of the time in my tank bag or pocket and shows no signs of damage or wear. Not overly enthusiastic with the menu structure (not as easy as Sonys or Canons I've used in the past) but I made due. Truth be told I left everything on auto most of the time and tweaked things just a bit when I got them on the computer.

It does have a facial recognition feature, which was kind of cool, but saw no use this trip. It also has a mode where it shoots 2 pictures in succession, one with a flash and one without. My wife loves it, good way to get a little insurance when you're not sure whether or not to use a flash. It's pretty good in low light too if you hold it steady, that pic of my bike in the Grand Canyon is no flash, just held against a tree well after sunset.

The other thing I loved was the battery life, I took about 200 pictures throughout the 6 days and the battery still showed full when I got home. Good enough in my book. The only gripes I've heard are from a buddy with a nice DSLR, who was complaining that my white balance was off. He'll likely accompany me on many of these in the future, so the pictures should be much better in those reports. I look at reports like the recent one from GR8ADV and it's obvious he's better with a camera than me, but I think I can get the gist of things across.

My only gripe is the proximity of the lens to the left side of the camera. I often got my finger in the picture a bit, luckily never enough to ruin a picture. Just something to be aware of. Otherwise it's a solid buy.

One more note I forgot to mention, reading material. I have three recommendations for books to bring on trips. The first two are the ubiquitous "Long Way Round" and "Long Way Down" by Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman. These should be in any ADV riders bookcase and will really put any trip in perspective. Great to slowly flip through next to a fire regardless of how many times you've read them before.

The third is one that has a bit of a religious tone to it, but is another vagabonding book. It's called "Through Painted Deserts" by Donald Miller (he also wrote Blue Like Jazz, which is one of my favorite books) and it's an easy and fun read about 2 friends who make their way from Dallas to Portland in a beat up old VW Van. I'm not overly religious and I love it, but there is a bit in there, just didn't want to catch anyone off guard.
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