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Hmmm... at the first shot I thought he had a two/one setup, but then on further reading, ...ouch!

Personally, I have a two into one, it is a little barky for my taste, and since it is a 60/6, what everyone calls a performance loss, I can attribute to "its just a 600"...!!

The Bucket Seat has to go, of course!

Me, I would leave the patina of the old paint, that is a nice color/combo

Do the mechanicals right (and that would include rebuilding the Bings rather than Mikuni-ing... I have read too many threads with problems getting the jetting right...!), get the basic appearance "problems" (i.e. BUCKET SEAT) solved, go with some LED tail lights, H4 headlight, rebuild the forks, find a way to get a second caliper, and enjoy the bike for what it is... You're not going to get a modern bike's performance out of it, so concentrate on the sweet spot of that bike for what it is: vintage cool. Ride it hard, wind 'er out and let the valves sing!! And put some silencers on there, for our sake...

Personally, I like to see a peashooter with a little up-kick:

XS650 becomes a VT BackRoadRunner
Loving the 80ST
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