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Originally Posted by jyellard
Keep it coming.
Originally Posted by Mud Missile
Please keep it coming.
Awww, shucks
You guys are too kind...

And that's even after the Pygmies using GPS link!

Matt saw that and said, "Kel! WTF?!"

me: What? I like pygmies. And I warned those guys. I specifically said "BBC" and "NPR!"
matt: This is ADV. What the hell does that have to do with riding?
me: whatever. ADV just means that these guys have probably read pages and pages and pages about
falling down
I think they can handle a video with smart people talking about pygmies.

(haha, you thought I was going to name names, didn't you? Naughty )

Originally Posted by zeroblah
Really makes me wish my wife didnt mind 2 wheeled organizisms! (Is there any chance i can have you talk her into it?)
Hey zeroblah, I'm flattered that you think I could help. I think one of these would do wonders...

Originally Posted by nomad guy
keep it coming!!!!
You say that now, but in a few weeks you'll be all...

"make ______ your new favorite." Yeah, yeah.

Some of you are probably doing that right now.

One more note: It has been brought to my attention that the pic heavy pages are killing the folks with slow connections.
I've been asked (very sweetly) to limit the photos in each section.
Okay - I really like having each day somewhat contained in a neat package, but I'm willing to work with you guys.

When we were on the road, going online with that POS Slime, I wanted to shoot myself everytime I tried to look at ADV (the big pics took forever to load).
But, as soon as I got home to our beloved iMac, I forgot all about it.
I'll try and chunk it up and have fewer pics in each section. Just hope it doesn't make this rambling report even more of a mess...

So, all you dial up suckers can thank your buddy Nixels for bringing it up.

Day 5 continued...

Fremont Point
We saw a lot of scenic bathrooms on this trip. I was especially happy to see this one.

Another beautiful view of Summer Lake

We left the Fremont Forest and, after a little while, we realized that we were still on the highway.
Instead of following our OBCDR tracks, that idiot Norm had re-routed us on his own and he put us on the damn pavement. Norm!
Matt was pissed. But, it just so happens that Matt had ridden parts of the OBCDR in 2008 and we had passed a turnoff that looked familiar to him.

We were only about 13 miles from Christmas Valley (on the highway) when we decided to go back to that turnoff.
It was going to be a lot further in the dirt... Eh, what's an extra two hours...We came here to ride the freaking trail, right?
I think I saw a sign that said “Black Hills.”
(but I was snoozing again and missed the shot)

After a couple of minutes, Matt said, “Oh shit, now I remember - this was a horrible road...”
Oh. Good thing we went back for it.

It was rutted double track, along the powerlines. Lots of sagebrush and sharp babyheads.
Yay. Now who’s the idiot? Sorry, Norm. You tried to re-route us and we just called you names...

This is one of my favorite kinds of gates. I’m always happy to see a nice metal leverage stick.

The road was getting pretty bumpy and uncomfortable. My teeth were rattling loose. Ugh.
Matt was still having to scroll and decipher the GPS. He was ranting, pissed, and unwilling to slow down for pictures. Fun, fun, fun.

OSO LOCO!! osoooo!

Oso bored? you can find the rest of our ride reports HERE
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