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You know i've been watch'n thinking bout joining in,,,,,but,,,shit.If you guys are gonna start cry'n over such alittle deal as Chuck forgot a pic of his bike there,after he told everyone in his post there was someone parked in the way at the time then forget it.

I know Chuck,,,and i know he wouldn't have posted a tag if he didn't get it with his bike,,,or by breaking an rules.

Chuck do you even own a car at the moment?

The man rode almost 500 miles to play the game,got the tag,,and i didn't see anyone else saying they got bruced,,or they were going to get it,blah,blah,blah.
Some people round here gotta pull the pantys out there crack,and light'n up its a game,,,,try and let someone have fun.

I know you got the tag the way your supposed to Chuck,,,so do you,and anyone that knows you.
I guess i'm not tag'n here.
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