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Originally Posted by MAN OF BLUES
I dunno bro,
I think you and the HR crew would be up his ass sideways if he pulled that crap over here....
We play tag a bit differently...don't we?
I think it sucks ass personally, having moved this bitch, and played it right...(only to have some knob steal it or pull it off the boat and toss it, with signatures on it...forking the game up for boatman)
no foookin way you can say you play TOR, and forget the fookin' obligatory "money shot..."

I'll be down in HR with my spare windshield in the back of the truck next week ....

game on
oh, and now it IS a rule:

"Hes not called the Angry White Man for nothing,much more fitting then the,Unicorn Clouds and Happy Trees Man".... UpST8

Theres a name for people without beards,"Women".
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