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Impassible is Nothing...for the Fast, Furious and Oblivious!

The Furious Basterds are at it again. Revelstoker, Big Paul, GRock and myself are embarking on a nine-day journey through Idaho's purgatory - a combination of heavenly views accessed via hellish routes.

Revelstoker, the intrepid tour planner, cartographer and novice surveyor has designed a route encompassing the myth of the Tour of Idaho, the reality of pounding miles and the beauty of Idaho's incredible terrain.

Big Paul is the muscle of the trip. This guy man-handles his 990 like it's some sort of toy. Beyond being a skilled dirt-biker who is doing some crazy one week African dirt-bike ride with KTM he's also a hell of a guy to have around.

GRock, goes by a variety of variations to his name - most are not suitable for such a family forum. Nonetheless, this is a guy who rides his 640 ADV in street-riding boots which only makes sense once you see him ride - and never put a foot down.

Me, I'm not sure what to call myself. My wife would describe me as a chronically late and organizationally challenged charmer and my daughter would probably call me the Tickle-Master - if she could say that. I think that's what she means when she calls me 'Dadee'.

We leave on Sept 9 but until then we'll post about preparation, answer random questions and give away as much good Karma as we can - we'll need all the return-Karma we can get for this adventure.

Will the Basterds conquer Gospel Hill? Will we survive Massacre Mountain on the big-ish bikes? Will T1 kick our asses as forecasted?

Stay tuned.
Ride on.

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