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The Fast, Furious & Oblivious are as follows. It's up to the reader to decide who is which...or which is who.

Here's Big Paul stealing marked gas from GRock's bike. GRock only uses marked fuel because it kind of matches his paint job. More on GRock later. Big Paul is a chronic gas stealer though as his 990 has a very tiny tank and he likes to keep the rev's up which doesn't help his fuel economy.

Bartron's parents sent him to karate when he was a kid and he never lets us forget that he could render us unconscious if he wanted. You may wonder what is around his waist...that's the drive belt from a Buell Ulysses. The one's that are apparently snap-proof. Hey, there's GRock in the background.

Me. I quite enjoy the ADV Salute.

GRock. He's MIA at the moment - said he was going to work two weeks ago and never came back, but I'm sure when he reappears he'll be all over this trip. Gary is my mechanic and a damn good one at that. He's also great to have around because it is entirely entertaining to watch him try to set his tent up.
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