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I have been using the DS3 for a few weeks and am really enjoying the screen. I was pleased to see that the Touratech logo in front was not as white as I thought. In some pictures it really stands out but in reality it's more of a grey and less in-your-face as I thought it might be. I'm 6'2 34 inseam and using the stock high saddle. Every setting I have tried has been an improvement over the stock screen. I have finally settled on the high/back setting for highway. There is considerable more noise but the wind is a lot more pleasant and doesn't make me feel as if I have to fight to keep my head straight with the Hornet DS helmet. Since I wear plugs for highway speeds or long trips the extra noise isn't going to be an issue. I do want to mention the excellent packaging job they did. Very well done. I've seen some vendors ship with lazy packaging and I was worried about the D3 getting damaged during shipping. Not here… plenty of peanuts and bubble wrap. I was very happy with the shipping and packaging. Here is my take on the rest…

What I like:

Damn nice looking screen. I haven't seen anything for the 800 that matches it in the looks department

Functional - for me the screen works and works very well

Adjustable - I love the high/low and the back/forward capability. Just change the screen settings as you need. Nice!

Removable top windscreen if you don't need it.

What I don't like:


Instructions suck. Trying to follow the english instructions was a nightmare for me. Even the PDF download with color pictures really didn't help that much. For me, putting the instructions with small black and white pictures aside and just looking at what I had to work with the install was a breeze. Some of you might understand what I am talking about. With printed documentation I can understand but being a visual person I would expect better from a free download in PDF format. Larger pictures please.

Missing part - missing one plastic washer

Mis-sized parts - four lock nuts were a size larger than the screws

For those of you who have not seen the screen there light that is reflected from the headlight into the lower section of the fairing. That is the reason they sell the "cockpit shield" as an add-on and mention it in the installation instructions. It doesn't bother me but for some of you it might. No way the cockpit shield is worth another $80 on top of the $800 the D3 cost.

Overall I am happy with the product. Is it worth what they charge? Hell No. Take three bills off and I would be a lot happier. I feel for the price they charge it should also come with the cockpit shield included.

In the case of the D3, this was the only screen that I liked enough (the BMW touring was 2nd, Wunderlich Vario 3rd) to purchase.

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